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Worrakit Pholsawad

Managing Director

Janejira Waitee



I have known Mr.Worrakit for around 10 years now. He is a business advisor, accountant, commercial legal advisor, friend and an extremely fine guitar player. When Mr.Worrakit gets involved with something he takes ownership & accountability - no pontificating around at the sidelines for him. It is sleeves rolled up, head down and full steam ahead. His rapport with my team can only be described as exceptional and they look to him for support with huge respect. If you are operating a business in Thailand and looking for someone to add value and steer you through the obstacle course, I unreservedly recommend getting Mr.Worrakit and his companies on board.

Tony Oates
Managing Director
Fuzion Far East Ltd.

AccountingOne Co.,Ltd. provides me monthly financials, black & white bookkeeping & end-to-end immigration support so that my team & I can scale without blinders or government distractions. As our consultant for several years, Mr.Worrakit & his staff take the time to understand my industry, operations and my goals as an owner. My only wish is that I would have found AccountingOne Co.,Ltd., an outsourced accounting service in Bangkok years ago.

Greg B
Product Manufacturer & Exporter, Spokes Jewelry Services Limited
Vice President AMCHAM Thailand Board of Governors

During my nearly 2 decades here in Thailand and ASEAN, I have had dozens of occasions to use the top 4 accounting firms as well as the regional practices with regard to bookkeeping services, tax filing preparation, audits and tax advisory. For a couple of our SME undertakings, we have been quite pleased with the service level, use of technology and the depth of knowledge offered by Mr.Worrakit and his team of professionals at AccountingOne Co.,Ltd. With a clearly defined brief and scope, his firm can execute.

W. Charles Blocker
IC Partners Limited

My experience is that AccountingOne Co.,Ltd. is an exceptionally good accounting firm. The staff there is very helpful, professional and they really care about serving the needs of their clients. I refer my clients to AccountingOne Co.,Ltd. often and the feedback I have received has been good without exception.

Mike Doyle
Senior Partner
Seri Manop & Doyle

AccountingOne Co.,Ltd. is a nimble highly customer service firm that offer more than just the traditional accounting and tax service to my firm. They have gone out of their way to ensure that my business needs are met including connecting me through their wide network of contacts providing me with best advise helping me to save cost and increase my bottomline through their services. The staff are well trained with meticulous details of work and follow through till tasks are completed. I highly recommend anyone looking for a personalize quality of service at optimum price.

Natasak Rodjanapiches
Golden Dagon Treasury Limited, Hongkong

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